Our team has diversified experience to showcase the multidimensional feature of Indian Tourism. As our Tagline conveys “Heritage Rediscovered”, we aim to serve our clients with hereditary treasures of our country.

In the present scenario, when the globe has converted into a small space with increasing trend of tourism activities & technological advancement, we are striving to visualize Indian Culture & Heritage among tourist fraternity.

In Reality, No One is more knowledgeable about a destination than a traveller who has visited & explored it. Our efforts will be to present a variety of destination options in individual or clubbed with other tourist places.

Every Destination is made for Everyone in terms of Infrastructure, Taste, Perceptions and Resources. We not only design travel itineraries but fill them with essential elements of personalized services, unique selected stay options, smooth & easy going transport, exposure to root level description of the things, local authentic cuisines & well observed functionality of the program. We try our best to create a symphony between your desires & your experiences.

We not only represent the destination but make it an inspiration for your life time. We aim to make your dreams come true when you arrive & to make your experiences your sweet memories when you say a goodbye. We wish to see you say “Heritage Rediscovered” with Fair Weys.